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Gilgen roller shutter and sectional overhead doors with the KOAX drive system

The KOAX drive system not only ensures roller shutter doors and sectional overhead doors open and close when required butdo so using less energyand including a unique patented back drive giving passive safety.

The KOAX drive system has been designed to use 45% less power than a traditional drive by utilising reduced friction, more efficient use of drive torque, continuous battery operationand the re-use of excess energy. The KOAX drive is a separated extra low voltage (SELV) DC motor drive and control system which has revolutionised safety, operation and installation of roller shutter and sectional overhead doors.

The motor has been designed to recycle up to 72% of the components, making the KOAX drive a sustainable option. Complete with intelligent DC control system and multifunctional control panel, the KOAX drive system is ideal for new and existing roller shutter and sectional overhead doors and, when covered by a Gilgen KOAX maintenance agreement, is supplied with a three year warranty.


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